Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Research Blog #3: Three Academic Sources

1) Sexual Assault on Campus: A Multilevel, Integrative Approach to Party Rape

2) The Hunting Ground

3) Campus Sexual Assault: College Women Respond

All of these sources above are helping me find a more narrow topic instead of writing my paper on the broad topic of sexual assault. After reading these articles and also watching The Hunting Ground documentary, I have become more interested in the hardships of a victim. More specifically, victims on college campuses and how they are poorly treated by administration. Universities do not properly handle these cases because they are overly concerned about protecting their reputations. In my paper, I wanted to touch on victim shaming and specific sexual assault cases with fraternities and college athletics. The administration is insensitive to victims and unethical when dealing with sexual assault accusations. Ultimately, they end up unfairly prosecuting the perpetrators and making victims feel helpless and alone. Also, these academic sources helped me become more interested in victims that were mentioned in the articles or that gave me ideas of cases to write about. They prompted me to further my research on Denim Day, Brock Turner, and Lizzy Seeberg's story which I think could also be useful examples in my paper. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Research Blog #2: Scouting the Territory

  1. Update us where you stand on your topic idea: I took the advice of Professor Goeller and decided to go with my topic idea #1 which was on sexual assault. This topic would be a better choice for me because I am a lot more interested on this issue and I can find much more information about sexual assault. Additionally, this topic is being more relevant in today's news concerning Title IX on college campuses. 
  2. Tell us what you find online. Sexual Assault, Title IX, Rape on College Campuses, Campus Rape Culture were all things I searched for on Google that gave me useful feedback. The search engine returned scholarly articles, articles on popular news sites, and multiple websites on anti-sexual assault campaign programs. While browsing briefly online, it was surprisingly to see all of the statistics and general information on sexual assault on college campuses that usually isn't presented in the media.
  3. Tell us what books and scholarly articles seem important.  The books that seem important are the ones that seem to have the most views, highly accredited, and the highest rated. Also, the descriptions of the books/scholarly articles help me decipher which ones will be more useful in drafting my final paper.
  4. What ideas about your topic did you get from this search? Some issues that seem important on sexual assault is the lack of conversation about it. There are eye-opening statistics that I believe a lot of people don't know. Another issue is Title IX in today's news and Betsey DeVous reluctance to enforce it. Lastly, there is a lot of conversation about colleges undermining this issue and not providing victims with help or justice.
  5. What resources did you uncover?  Give us at least two specific references or links to things you found 
    1. The first link I found seems useful because it contains sexual assault statistics specifically at college campuses. This website is also very educational because it describes signs of recognizing abuse, prevention, and victim assistance. All of this background information will help me uncover realities and truths about the issue. http://www.bestcolleges.com/resources/preventing-sexual-assault/ 
    2. The second link contains important news on sexual assault from college leaders that is relevant in today. Colleges are unsure about how the new Trump administration will regulate an institution's approaches to campus sexual assault. This information is useful because it is current and will effect students like me. https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2017/01/26/college-leaders-discuss-future-title-ix-sexual-assault-prevention-efforts 
  6. Did you find any controversies over your topic?  There are controversies over this issue because some universities disregard this major issue because they do not want to damage their reputation or deal with the accusations, victims, or legality of the matter. Colleges feel as though they don't need to strictly enforce Title IX, but there needs to be more of a focus on the campus rape culture.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Research Blog #1: Initial Topic Idea

I am currently deciding between two different topics for my research paper:

Topic #1: Sexual Assault 

Sexual Assault is a new issue that students face when they leave high school because it is not often talked about and not relevant in their lives yet. Universities undermine this important issue whether to save their reputations or to decrease sexual assault statistics that would turn away potential students. This issue needs to be brought into the light in order for victims to feel like they are not alone. 

Topic #2: Effects of Being Unprepared for College

Going to college is a major decision in a person life and we have to make it when we are eighteen years old. Often times, high schools do not supply students with the information or tools to place them at a school that is adequate for them. In turn, this can effect a student's success in the future.