Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Literature Review #1

(1)    Visual.  

(2)    Citation:
Maiuro, Roland D. Perspectives on College Sexual Assault: Perpetrator, Victim, and Bystander. Springer Publishing Company, 2015. EBSCOhost.

(3)    Summary: In summary, this book is a collection of sexual assault accounts and research on bystanders, victims, and perpetrators. The author gives insight on many different angles of sexual assault issues on college campuses from different view points. For example, he provides information on alcohol's influence on sexual assault, sexual victimization, and gender roles. Most importantly, the author provides information on how campus administrations handle sexual assault cases and the image of universities as a whole.

(4)    Author(s):  The author Roland Maiuro seems to be reliable and credible because he has a Phd in psychology and he has a background with domestic violence cases. 

(5)    Key terms:
sexual assault- is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. 
Victimization- the action of singling someone out for cruel or unjust treatment.

(6)    Quotes:  
1. "Most college women perceive themselves to be, personally, at lower risk for victimization compared to their peers. Whereas women may acknowledge that there is some risk for sexual assault to occur, women may not apply this knowledge to themselves personally" (Maiuro 39). 

2. "Over a 3-month academic quarter, 14.9% of college women indicate experiencing sexual victimization (Gidycz, Orchowski, King, & Rich, 2008), and 10.2% of college men report engaging in sexually aggressive behavior (Gidycz, Warkentin, & Orchowski, 2007)" (Maiuro 1).

3. "Consistent with Ullman (2000), we use the term “negative social reactions” to refer to responses that blame the victim for the assault, shame the victim, attempt to control the victim’s decisions, distract the victim from discussing the experience, or display so much anger that the victim is unable to prioritize her own needs" (Maiuro 3). 

(7)    Value:  This book helps with my research, especially with victimization and the experience victims have. Not only that, I find this book interesting because it also provides information on the perpetrators, who are typically left out of the discussion. The author provides many different scenarios and explanations as to why sexual assault occurs in the first place and then how it is handled by administration. This will help me find more information about the victim experience when they report the crime.  

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