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Research Blog #4: Research Proposal

Carly Bargmann
Professor Goeller
Research in the Disciplines: College!
February 28th, 2017
Research Proposal

Working Title: The Silence of Sexual Assault Victims
Topic: Sexual assault victims, specifically those who are college students, avoid dealing with the matter or reporting the crime. These victims are too scared, intimidated, and ashamed to address this issue because of the repercussions of reporting to administrations, greek life, and football teams. This paper will explain why victims view their experience as more of a private matter than a public one and the unnecessary hardships victims must go through.

Research Question: Why do college students refrain from reporting sexual assault crimes? And why do college administrations make it difficult for students to report these crimes?

Theoretical Approach: Through my research, I hope to further understand why the university system undermines the issue of sexual assault and fails to provide adequate support to victims and their families. In the article, "Barriers to Reporting Sexual Assault for Women and Men: Perspectives of College Students", victims either accept or find out that universities are unwilling to help them receive justice and resort to keeping the issue private. My theory is that universities care more about their reputations than the victims who have been sexually assaulted because reporting it is a long process, would damage their image, or may impact college sports and greek life. In turn, victims of sexual assault are intimidated by the complexities when reporting the crime and the self-serving, “ignorant” nature of universities they are up against. I hope to explain how the lack of sexual assault assistance from college administrations impacts a victim’s life and how it affects their college careers.

Research and Plan: To illustrate my claims as to why victims refrain from reporting sexual assault crimes, I will use a few cases as research supplements. I hope to analyze cases of victims who seek to find justice in the book Campus Sexual Assault: College Women Respond and the case of Erica Kinsman, a sexual assault victim from Florida State University. The stories of victims are important resources I can use because they are truthful and relevant accounts of ways universities undermined the issue of sexual assault on campus and how they treated the student victims. Additionally, I have collected information from the scholarly articles, “Sexual Assault on Campus: A Multilevel, Integrative Approach to Party Rape” and “A Hostile Environment for Student Defendants: Title IX and Sexual Assault on College Campuses” which will help me research more about a sexual assault victim’s perspective when coping with the issue as well as prosecuting the assault. Lastly, I will use both the movie and the book, The Hunting Ground, to support my claims. The Hunting Ground is a great resource and made me interested in researching the unethical ways college administrations handle sexual assault cases. This movie/book also made me feel empowered to learn more about victims and their experiences.

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