Monday, May 1, 2017

Research Blog #10: Final Abstract and Works Cited

Sexual assault on university campuses is a pervasive and widespread problem for college women across the country. Educational institutions are aware of the occurrence of sexual violence, but many college administrations have more of an incentive to privatize the accusations. Universities attempt to protect their reputations when allegations threaten their image, athletics program, or institutional structure. The control universities have over rape cases leads to the poor support of victims and the misconceptions that the student body has about campus sexual assault. The lack of university response to instances of sexual assault leads to this “silence” on college campuses where victims choose not to report. Victims fail to report the crime and schools go to great lengths to cover them up which decreases overall awareness of this prevalent problem among young college women today. The lack of action from universities has led to a disconnect where reporting rates continue to be low and victims are refraining from using legal processes when handling instances of sexual assault.  

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